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Greetings From Pink Chick Nudist!


ATTENTION SINGLE NUDISTS IN THE TAMPA BAY AND SURROUNDING AREAS:  I will be hosting a Singles Day at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort Sunday, July 9, 2017, from 8am-6pm. Entry Fee for that day is $20 for non member single men and  $10 for non member single women.  There will be a Singles Meet and Greet in the Grotto Bar at 12 noon for those who wish to socialize, and for those who wish sit down and enjoy lunch together. Please bring a towel to sit on and your ID. If you are new to the nudist lifestyle, please visit my Nudist Q & A Blog Post.  Also, please visit my other blog post for the 2017 Single Nudist Events Schedule for the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Please RSVP to Linda “Pink Chick” at The deadliine to RSVP is Saturday, July 8, at 5pm (no exceptions). You must be over 21.  Do not call the resort to RSVP, because they will refer you to me.   The exciting news is that a representative from the Tampa Bay Times will be there WITHOUT CAMERAS interviewing singles for a featured story in their paper. If you wish to be interviewed, you do not have to use your real name.


My name is Linda, and I am known as the Pink Chick Of the Pasco County Nudist Communiity. If you have ever been to Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, you know who I am. I’m the one driving around in my hot pink car and my pink golf cart with a big smile on my face expressing my joy of living the nudist lifestyle full time. Oh and by the way, I have wall to wall hot pink carpet. I can’t help it. I am head over 

I have been in love with the wholesomness of the nudist lifestyle for the past 20 years, actually before that when experienced a nude beach in the summer of 1976. I’ll talk more about that later . I am a real genuine nudist.  I moved to Caliente July 31, 2003, before the clubhouse was built. I was totally in awe of the place, and I still am.  I feet like I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to live in such a beautiful upscale resort   I moved here before the 33,000 square foot club house was built. Sometimes it feels like I am on a cruise ship sailing the exotic seas when I am in the club house and the pool area. Yes, swingers do come to Caliente. I myself am NOT a swinger, but I believe in live and let live. No worries, if you don’t want to find swingers, you won’t find them. 

I am currently single and seeking a monogamous relationship. I do, however, love the erotic flavor of the nightclub at night. I love dressing sexy. Maybe you can even call me a bit of an exhibitionist. The textile world has no clue how fun Caliente is. Like I said before, if you don’t want to find swingers, you won’t find them. It is simple as that.  Believe me, this place is not boring, which means my life is not boring. Most nudist resorts do not have sexual overtones to it, and the nudist lifestyle on the most part is NOT sexual.

I created my nudist website in April 2000 to enlighten YOU who have never experienced the nudist lifestyle and to share my love of the nudist lifestyle  with nudists and non nudists alike. Becoming a nudist truly changed my life in the most beautiful, positive and wonderful ways; AND it can change YOUR life too!  Without clothes, the facades are gone and everyone is the same. I have come to the conclusion that you either have a passion for nudist way of life or you don’t.

I also created my nudist site for women in nudism, because many women walk through life burdened with body shame. We are all Naked Goddesses underneath our clothes. I am here to tell you that you do not have to walk around with body shame.A lot of our body beliefs came from childhood. Many women believe that in order to be accepted they have to look perfect. I am here to tell you that nobody looks “perfect” in a nudist environment. I created a very special page called the THE NAKED GODDESS to help women transform from body shame to body glory. You can also check my blog where I have created a page called 70+ AFFIRMATIONS TO HELP WOMEN FEEL GOOD NAKED.

I discovered the nudist lifestyle in my mid 20’s when I went to  Pirates Cove Nude Beach in Malibu in 1975. I spent all summer long going every weekend there with my then boyfriend. I instantly fell in love with the freedom of being clothes free. This was something new for me, since I was brought up in a very conservation Jewish family household where showing skin was a “no no”. Once the relationship ended, so did the nudist experience until the early nineties. That is when I joined Glen Eden Sun Club in Corona, California for 11 years. I found my peace at Glen Eden, and I felt like it was home.  Now I live at Caliente Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

 In April of 2000, I started my nudist pages as Linda’s Naturist Place. About 5 years ago, it had a name change and a move to Florida Nudist Gal. I have now moved it to Pink Chick Nudist to incorporate my psychic and nudist pages together. Unfortunately, because I have Paypal on my site, you will nt see any nudity here.


Click here watch my video on my first nude beach experience.