Online Dream Circles


Beginning Monday November 7, at 6pm Eastern. It will last approximately 1 1/2 hours. 4 Online Sessions for $75 per person for all 4 sessions. I will allow no more then 10 people into the group. We will discuss your dreams, how to remember your dreams, dream programming, Dream Shields, Dream Guides-Archangels, Mythical Gods & Goddess, Ascended Masters, setting up your dream alters, crystals, dream gazing, dream partnerships and so much more. There will be a guided meditation with each session.

Monday November 7
Monday November 14
Monday November 21
Monday November 28

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The more I program my dreams and remember my dreams, the more I am discovering that I have had many Precognitive Dreams (psychic dreams). The more we work with dreams, the more we draw out our true intuitive selves. You can even program your dreams to enhance your psychic abilities by opening the third eye; although, it will be happening naturally.

Dreams are very powerful and telling, and they can transform your life depending on what you program your dreams for. Sometimes you have to act on your dreams by taking action. For instance, I received a message loud and clear in my dreams a couple nights ago to remove the clutter under my bed, so that I can clear the space for a relationship. That clutter under the bed consisting of purses, boxes of shoes, boxes of wigs, etc. had been there for years, but you can be sure that I did just that when I woke up. There is nothing under my bed now.

I have a very unique story about Lord Ganesh and how I found him in the mall and added him to my dream alter. Click here to read my story.

I program my dreams every night with specific requests in mind, and then I write down my dreams when I first wake up. I coach myself through my dreams as well. I then blog them no matter what they are or how personal they are. You will learn alot about dream programming by reading my blog posts and by attending my Dream Goddess Dream Circle. Read dream blog posts here.

In the next week, I will be creating a Private Dream Goddess Dream Coaching Facebook Page for those of you who sign up for the Dream Circle and for those of you who are interested in anything having to do with dreams.

My purpose as your dream coach is to draw out the dreamer in you, so that you yourself can understand and interpret your dreams. In a private dream coaching call, I guide you through each segment of your dreams. I do not read your dream psychically. Imagine calling in Gods and Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc. into your dreams. The messages and healing that we receive from them are very powerful. You can program your dreams for a soul mate relationship or for guidance in your present relationship, financial matters, career, etc.

I am available for private dream coaching sessions, and I have extended my discount sale through October. In November, they will go up to their normal price. Click here.

Since I now own 21 oracle card decks, I channel my readings through the assistance of oracle card decks and they assist me in programming my dreams and in my own dream interpretation.

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