Affirmations For Personal Growth And Transformation

Here is an affirmation by Catherine Ponder that I have used, treasured and loved. It actually changed my life. I replaced Christ with God.

Around the year of 1995, I purchased Catherine Ponder’s book, Open Your Mind To Receive, and immediately began repeating the affirmation that begins with “Christ in me…” only I substituted “Christ in me” for “God in me”.

I repeated Catherine Ponder’s affirmation 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again EVERYDAY out loud, and I never skipped a day. After two months, I was hired by Bare Necessities Cruises to be a psychic on their nude cruise leaving the following February.  I flew to Florida to board the cruise ship (from Southern California), and I had the time of my life. I connected with a bunch of people from Florida and Atlanta on that cruise and then later visited them at a clothing optional resort in Pasco County, Florida. I felt such a connection to them and Pasco County, Florida, that I new someday (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that I would live there. The affirmation powerfully effected my life in such a way that I actually yearned to be in Florida. I felt connected there, but I knew it wasn’t the right time for me. I always said someday, because I didn’t think my family could handle me moving to Florida. In April 2003, I went to visit some friends at Caliente Resort to see if I could live there. I was there for 3 nights; however, I knew I belonged there. The feelings I had could no longer be denied. I knew it was time, so I went home, rented out my condo, sold everything I had and moved to Caliente Resort in Florida July 31, 2003. I am 100 percent positive that repeating Catherine Ponder’s affirmation got me there-even if it was 8 years later. I feel an unbelievable connection to the nudist community here in Pasco County Florida, and I have made some wonderful friends here.

Divine Love expressing through me now draws to me all that is
needed to make me happy and my life complete.