How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You


Our souls live inside our physical body, and our souls travel from lifetime to lifetime and body to body. Our souls leave behind broken hearts and beautiful relationships from past lives that result in positive or negative karma.  These soul connections are very powerful and very difficult to resist, because our souls have loved eachother before. We all have more then one soul mate connection in our lifetime. In fact we have many soul mates in our lifetime and many times in our lifetime we cross paths with lost souls from previous lifetimes.  Our souls fall in love  with the familiarity of eachother, and our souls can’t stop thinking of eachother.  Our souls bring into this lifetime the issues and karma from past lives, and then there are wonderful times when our souls create a lifetime connection full of joy and contentment. Our souls communicate, and I call this the softness between two souls and perhaps past lovers. Our souls could have been friends, siblings and enemies in past lives here to straighten out the karma. Sometimes it is not easy, and other times it is very easy.

When I do my feelings readings, I am channeling the soul of the person you are asking about, and I channelling their softness and their energy. Here is how to know when someone is thinking about you and how to understand and connect with their thoughtss.

When you think about someone in a normal way, there is nothing unusual there. Then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed like you are in a fog and you can’t stop thinking about them. Now, stop for a second and focus on where you are feeling the energy. It is usually in the heart and chest area. You’ve had that funny feeling before. Remember. You just thought it was YOU. What is going on is that you are feeling THEIR THOUGHTS. WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IS WHAT THEY ARE THINKING AND FEELING ABOUT YOU RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT!

During the moment you are experiencing this psychic soul connection, you may feel feelings from extreme sadness, or guilt to feelings of peace or missing someone. Keep in mind you only started feeling these thoughts when you connected to their energy. So know that you if you are feeling great sadness, it will pass. If you are feeling a great feeling of peace and joy, you know they are thinking wonderful thoughts of you.

Here is one example of an experience I had (and I have had many) of feeling someone thinking about me.  Years ago, after an unexpected breakup with someone, I felt his softness quite intensely one night, and then it really got interesting. One Valentines night while we were still together, someone took a picture of our costumes and we each got a framed copy.I knew without a doubt he was looking at that picture and my outfit that I had warn that night appeared in front of my face. It was a spine tingling, emotional and very powerful experience.

I have even felt sexual energy from men. In one incident, many years ago before I did my psychic work full time, I was working as a secretary in a hotel.  I had a deadline, and this man’s energy was quite obvious. I sent it right back to him. He ended up calling me at work and asking me to stop, so that he could get up from his desk. You might want to get a reading from me, so I can teach YOU how to do it. This is not something I usually do, as these days, I live in a nudist resort.

There are times when I know what someone is feeling about me before they actually know it. As a psychic medium, I have to be careful and allow them to catch up with me. Patience isn’t one of my better traits; however, I know it is essential for the relationship.

Recently after an ending to a short relationship, I felt this man’s energy very intensely. It was a very powerful love energy that I had never experienced before-purrre love.  The energy lasted for 3 days. At some point in our short relationship, we had both chosen not to follow our hearts; however, with that kind of energy, no telling what could have happened……..or what could still happen if we let it.

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