Sexy Love Affirmations Intro

Sexy Love Affirmations – Intro

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Sexy Love Affirmations is a fun and unique affirmation book in the form of recipes. It was originally included in my first book “The Cookbook of Love+. Because of the great popularity and wonderful feedback I received from Part 1 (The Cookbook of love), I have recently expanded and Separated Part 1, and it is now called Sexy Love Affirmations . I have gained tremendous growth and insight in the six years since it was written and I knew that I had some much more knowledge to share.

Sexy Love Affirmations is an affirmation book in the form of recipes, and it is compiled from my own personal dating experiences, my experiences as a professional love psychic and matchmaker, my fascination with tantra and the relationship workshops that I have taken.. I have gained tremendous insight, strength and wisdom within my heart, and I’ve grown to love and accept the Divine Goddess within me. Who better than me to be your personal love chef guiding you through the highs and lows of love? I know now that it is much easier to let go than to hang on to a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. It’s easy to get what you want when you know what you want. I will take you step by step in creating your soul mate and then show you how to keep him/her happy in and out of the bedroom with my wonderful fun recipes for romance and great sex. Do you know what kind of lover you are?

You can create a fulfilling and lasting relationship with someone new with my 3 Step Recipe to creating your soul mate or improve an otherwise stale relationship into something fresh and exciting, like freshly baked bread. You will love my chapters on Cooking Up Great Sex and What Kind of Lover Are You? There are recipes for every kind of lover imaginable. If problems arise, my special recipes for troubled relationships will help you get back on the right track to peace, harmony and contentment. There are also recipes for when it is time to let go. My recipes will have you smiling for days. You will never be bored again!.

In this book, I refer to affirmations as recipes. Repeating an affirmation is like cooking. You have all the ingredients within you to fill your heart, mind and soul. My book not only gives you hundreds of powerful affirmations to change your life and relationships, it teaches you how to put your own recipes together to create more fulfillment in every aspect of your love life while having fun doing it. You will never be hungry again! These are your own magical recipes that hold the secrets to eternal love, happiness and total sexual fulfillment.

Without affirmations and prayer, I don’t know where I would be today. God blessed me with the ability and knowledge to help others, and since 1985, I have done just that. Now it is time to take this knowledge I have and share it on a larger scale. I know that I have a lot to contribute, and I hope that others will grow with the knowledge that I share. What

It is especially important to spend a lot of time repeating your affirmations. Since many of your thoughts and beliefs have been instilled since childhood, you must overcome long term conditioning. When your mind “gets it.” you start believing it; that is when it starts working. Repeating an affirmation once or twice does not work. I recommend repeating affirmations at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day, if not more, depending on how important the situation. After awhile you will know how much time is best for you to devote to an affirmation each day. The more energy you put into repeating an affirmation the sooner your affirmation will manifest itself. If you have time restraints, try saying your affirmations in the shower, while you’re getting dressed, or even in the car.

If you are repeating an affirmation to rekindle a relationship or to get a commitment from someone, and you notice that he/she is backing off, it is highly recommended that you stop repeating that particular affirmations. It means that it is against his/her will. You can never go against someone’s will. If you are repeating an affirmations to enhance your relationship, it is recommended that you keep it to yourself. You always want to leave an element of surprise in your relationships. Be mysterious and mystical. Keep them guessing. Enchant them with your inner magical power. They will always want to come back for more.