270 Prepaid Psychic Love Coaching Minutes


Comes out to $3.00 a minute






  •  NINE 30 minute sessions by phone or skype = 3 per month = at a rate of 3.00 a minute       Forget the relationship rule book that hasn’t been working for you. You are your own person, so I will        work with you in creating your own relationship rule book for love, sex and romance that works for you and only you.
  •  In each coaching session, iI will give you an intensive reading on your love life and future love life + I will work with your emotional blockages and guidance in knowing exactly what you want in order to create YOUR EPIC LOVE STORY and when your next soul mate relationship is coming in. + an indepth channelled Oracle Card Reading on what your soul needs you to know about love and relationships, past life karma, etc. 
  • You will be given a powerful “Attract A Soul Mate Affirmation” that is designed only for you. We all have different issues that must be resolved before we can attract a healthy emotionally available man or woman. As you may or may not be aware of,  as emotional human beings have the tendancy to attract exact mirrors of ourselves. In our psychic love coaching sessions, I will “see” your patterns and assist you in resolving them.
  • We will work, together in writing out your perfect love story BEFORE you repeat your affirmation.

I will assist you in getting clarity in your soul mate goals, description, etc. + I will work with you in mastering creative visualization techniques. You will be sent these techniques in a PDF Visualization Document that is included in this program.

  •  One designer reiki distant healing with each coaching session is done IMMEDIATELY after we  hang up the phone. For each psychic love coaching session, you will want to put aside 60 minutes of free uninterruped time, so that you can meditate while I am sending you your reiki healing energy. Allow the energy to flow for as long as it flows-usually 20-30 minutes. If you do not wish to meditate while I am doing your Reiki Healing.  It is, however, not necessary to meditate. The healing energy will flow through no matter what. Reiki is done by intention-yours and mine.. We will discuss your designer reiki healing choices as they come up in each session.


  • One 200-250 Word BONUS Email Reading to be used anytime within this 3 month period on any subject you want EXCEPT death, illness, health, lottery number


  • One 300-350 Word BONUS 6 – 9 Card Oracle Reading on what your soul wants you to know – anytime within the 3 month period.  Goal and accountability support by text or email (psychic reading not included in accountability support). Available hours between 8am and 7pm eastern time Monday-Friday.


Please note that it is up to you as to what you want to get out of this program and the amount of work you get out of it. There are no guarantees.