Goddess Fortuna Empowerment Attunement


Get more of what you focus upon!


Goddess Fortuna Empowerment Attunement – By Mariah Windsong – Added 3/13/11 – Includes financial planning psychic reading


Goddess Fortuna is awesome! For me, what I felt and received from this attunement, is that we are what we think and believe we are. If we BELIEVE within the very depths of our soul that we deserve all the richness of the universe, then Goddess Fortuna will help us receive what we divinely believe ourselves to be worth. Continued use of this attunement can help us to raise our money self worth. I truly believe by invoking Goddess Fortuna that she can help us make our fortune..For me, money is constantly flying out of the sky and into me.

Goddess Fortuna represents fertility upon lands, seeds and all our endeavors . She can be called upon to bring Feminine Divine Fortune to positively influence our health and monetary condition. When calling upon her, she can activate a deep filling energy within us which causes our cells to vibrate in alignment with fortune. This is so we can attract all that we want in our life! Her energy strengthens us, so that we can benefit from any situation. Her energies are the energies of fertility and growth. This means that we will get more of what we put our focus upon for it is that which she will make more fertile!