Goddess Rati Attunement – Hot and Sexy!


Surrender Passion & Be Open In Lovemaking

 FREE Love, Sex and Passion Psychic Reading when you purchase the Goddess Rati Attunement. Also Includes manual. Your attunement will be chi balled to you.


Rosemary Noel is the founder of the Goddess Rati Attunement.

Counts as 2 Attunements in Packages.

Rati is the Hindu goddess of love, passion, sexuality, desire and pleasure. Rati means “Loved by many”. She is also known as Ragalata, the “Vine of Love”. She is the Hindu equivalent to Aphrodite.

Rati is worshipped in India. She is beautiful and her body is ripe and full of womanly essence. Rati is here to prove to you that a woman does not need to be a perfect “10” for a man to want her. Men want women who will surrender her passion in lovemaking. Men desire a partner who loves lovemaking and desire lovemaking; one who completely surrenders to her passion in active lovemaking and enjoys herself completely without shame or guilt.