60 Minute Phone Readings


Indepth. All Subjects


This 60 minute intensive reading is a combination of clairvoyant, clairvoyant and spirit writing all done through my third eye. As a soul communicator and Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, I will work with you in delving into the very depths of your soul to see what your soul wants you to know.

You may separate your reading into 3 separate 20 minute readings or two 30 minute, which must be used within 60 days of purchase.

Please do not tell me the whole story. I prefer to know as little information as possible. If you are outside of the US, we can use skype. I am in Florida (eastern US time). Once you have made your payment, please immediately email me with the times and days you are available.

I do not read future projection of death, illnesses or lottery numbers.

Here are the different types of psychic readings I do by phone. Don’t worry about choosing from the list below. Just go with the flow and spirit will let me know what needs to be channelled; and, of course, I answer questions if you have a specific issue you want me to read.

Soul Mate Psychic Reading – Your future soul mate or is the one you are currently with “the one”.

Your lover, ex lover or potential lover’s deepest most hidden unexpressed thoughts feelings and intentions 4u in and out of the bedroom -Direct & Indirect feelings

Future of the relationship you want to be in.

Your lover’s sexual thoughts and feelings

Lost Loves

Rekindling of Love, Passion and desire in your relationship

Can your relationship be saved?

OY VEY!!! It’s Complicated

Kissing too many frogs?

Kiss & Make Up

Lovers Triangle

Non Monogamous & Monogamous Relationships

Help! He’s just not that into me

Obsessive relationships. Obsessive relationships rarely ever work and if you are the one obsessing, you probably need to know the underlying problem as to why you are allowing youself to be in an obsessive relationship. Is this a pattern?

Secret lovers & extra marital affairs- Is your extra marital affair causing havoc in your life?

Channeling of Inner Child to see what childhood issues ar blocking you from being  in a happy and successful relationship (i.e. abandonment, grief, etc).

Messages from your inner Goddess. Every woman has an inner goddess in her wanting to express herself.

Channelled messages from those who have passed on.

Money Psychic Reading-What is holding you back from increasing your wealth (beliefs, etc), money worries, saving money, salary increase and more

Career/Job Hunting

New Businesses

Pet Readings-Yes I can read their thoughts and feelings too.

And so much more…..