Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Recipes for cooking up your soul mate

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Sprit dreams
  • Writing down your dreams
  • Visualizing a soul mate relationship into your life

Chapter 3: Recipes for the single man and woman

  • Create a love box
  • While you are waiting….
  • God knows….

Chapter 4: Champaign nights and caviar dreams

Chapter 5: Spicing Up Your Sex Life

  • Sexy recipes for men and the women who love and desire them.
  • Sexy recipes for women and the man who love them
  • Sexy recipes for men and women

Chapter 6: What kind of lover are you?

  • The Cayan Pepper Lover
  • The Meat and Potatoes Lover
  • The Vegetarian Lover
  • The Smorgasboard Lover
  • The Gourmet Lover
  • The Take Out Lover
  • The Fat Free Lover
  • The Cinnamon Bun Lover
  • The Appetizer Lover
  • The Herbal Tea Lover
  • The Coffee Lover
  • The Ice Cream Lover
  • The Cookie Dough Lover
  • The Chocolate Lover
  • The Potato Chip Lover
  • The Spinach Lover
  • The Honey Lover
  • The Popcorn Lover
  • The Cucumber Lover
  • The Banana Lover
  • The Crumb Cake Lover
  • The Onion Lover
  • The Salt Free Lover
  • The Lolly Pop Lover
  • Do you have a fantasy?

Chapter 7: Sexy Goddess Recipes

  • Light a pink candle
  • The Sensual Goddess
  • Loving the goddess within you
  • Sexy Goddess Hair
  • The Sexy Goddess Body of your dreams
  • Sexy Goddess Breasts
  • Honor the goddess within you
  • For men, honor your goddess

Chapter 8: Recipes for troubled relationships

  • You are not alone. God is always listening
  • The pink light of pure love and the art of spirit to spirit talking

Chapter 9: Releasing the past

Chapter 10: Ending Relations Peacefully

  • God is always listening


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