Linda Kaye, Professional Psychic Love Coach,  Oracle Card Reader , Soul Communicator, Reiki Master, Author,  Nudist & All Around Nice Jewish Gal

Linda Kaye, Professional Psychic Love Coach, Oracle Card Reader , Soul Communicator, Reiki Master, Author, Nudist & All Around Nice Jewish Gal

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I read everyone!



Soul Communicator


You have arrived at the place where dreams, wishes, transformation and miracles happen. You are meant to be here. Grab a bagel, some cream cheese, some lox. some matzoh ball soup and some chop liver, and stay awhile. I promise to guide you in turning your OY VEYS INTO MAZEL TOVS and to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyday, I wake up excited and grateful, because I am living my purpose of being a professional Psychic Medium, Soul Communicator, Oracle Card Reader,  Psychic Love Coach and Reiki Master. I am a natural born psychic since birth. Ima was born with a knowledge of My psychic abilities are a gift from God, and I use my gifts wisely.   I use my clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to channel readings for my clients.   I was born with my psychic abilities and the knowledge of a past life.

What I "see" is what YOU get.

Psychic Readings

As a psychic medium, soul communicator and oracle card reader, I "see into the very depths of your soul and channel what your soul wants you to know. Through the wisdom of your soul, the truth is revealed. No stone is left unturned.


Follow the pink path to love, light and


Follow The Pink Path To Love

FEELINGS READINGS-As a natural born psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairsentient, I can channel your lover, lost love or even a potential lover's most hidden thoughts and feelings for you in and out of the bedroom and if you have a future tgether. You will feel as if he or she is actually speaking to you. All I need is his or his or her first name. I do not want to know anything else.

My feelings readings are highly popular, and they help you so you don't obsess outwardly. Obsessing outwardly can really hurt a relationships that is going through a lot of emotional changes. Sometimes fear is blocking someone from letting his/her guard down; and if you obsess outwardly, you might ruin your chances of the two of you moving forward. Men and women are made differently. Click here to try an OMG FEELINGS READING today.

ORACLE CARD READINGS-As an Oracle Card Reader and Soul Communicator, I guide you through the highs and lows of live divinely opening the door to the wisdom of your soul, so that I can divinely channel what YOUR soul wants you to know in every aspect of your life. Through the wisdom of the soul, the truth will be revealed.  Click here to purchase an Oracle Card Reading by Phone or Skype.

Unblock And Unlock Your Soul Mate Dream

Psychic Love Coaching

I am a Psychic Love Coach, and one of my purposes here in this lifetime is to support single men and women in finding their soul mate and experiencing your own Epic Love Story. Everyone has the ability to manifest their own unique Epic Love Story, and I am here to guide you into the arms of your future beloved and soul mate.

As YOUR psychic love coach, I can help you to remove your inner blocks to finding love. My 9 session and 18 session psychic love coaching programs include psychic readings  Reiki healings and so much more.

Click here to learn more and start your journey to Epic Love today.

Your Soul Is Waiting To be Kissed? Are you 



Your Soul Is Waiting To be Kissed By Love

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